Special Notice
Regarding the Northern California Wildfires

With the displacement of many Northern California residents due to the massive, ongoing fires, the Office of Short-Term Rentals has received several inquiries about the applicability of short-term rental rules for San Francisco residents who wish to provide accommodations for evacuees.

Any San Francisco resident may offer free accommodations to evacuees without the need to register with the Office of Short-Term Rentals, even if the free accommodations are being listed on one of the short-term rental platform websites. In addition, if you are a registered host, any free accommodations that you provide to evacuees will not count against the 90-night per year limit on unhosted rentals.

Short-term rentals that are being offered for a reduced price do not need to be registered with the Office of Short-Term Rentals if the host participates in the City’s “Good Samaritan” program. For further information on the Good Samaritan program, please contact Benjamin Amyes, Disaster Response Manager for the San Francisco Human Services Agency, at benjamin.amyes@sfgov.org.

We applaud the generosity of our residents who have already opened their homes to those affected by these devastating fires, and encourage everyone to consider offering free or reduced price accommodations during this difficult time.


Kevin Guy
Director, Office of Short-Term Rentals
City and County of San Francisco

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